Hollow microspheres under normal pressure (left) and high pressure (right).

Bulk Material - Silicone Gel

In principle different materials can be used as bulk material. CRW is specialist in silicone gel materials.

Silicone gel belongs to the group of RTV-2 silicone rubbers, which are room-temperature-vulcanisable materials consisting of two components. Silicone gel is much softer and more deformable than silicone rubber. The low modulus of silicone gel results from its low cross-link density. The material has a high tensile strength and a high stress relaxation.

Example of an sil-gel and a nonlinear conductive material.

Current State

State of the art is to design all insulation systems in a way, that local field strength peaks are avoided under all circumstances. Such systems represent a rather complex and costly solution.