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CRW Engineering was founded in 2020. Our team around the managing director Sebastian Wels consists of engineers and scientists. Each team member has a wealth of experience in his special field. Our main competences include the characterization and aging behavior of electrical insulation materials as well as all kinds of high voltage testing.

Due to our roots and close contact to the Department of Systems and High Voltage Engineering at the University of Kassel, we can offer you a broad portfolio of scientific investigations and product development.

We are your contact for material investigations as well as investigations of the ageing behaviour of electrical insulating materials. We offer a wide range of testing and diagnostic possibilities from alternating to direct and impulse voltages. One of our strengths lies in the individual design of tests, suitable for your material and your application (or: application). In addition to the expert knowledge on aging behavior, we also provide consulting services in the development of insulation systems. A main focus of our work in the last years was the development of nonlinear conductive gels (smart gels), which are becoming more and more important (see publications).




General Manager: Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wels

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wels

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Sebastian Wels studied electrical engineering (power engineering) at the University of Kassel until 2014.

Afterwards he received his doctorate in the field of systems and high-voltage engineering at the University of Kassel (link to dissertation).

His areas of expertise include materials research, the aging behavior of electrical insulating materials, partial discharge detection and electrical field simulations.